Health Benefits of Marijuana

health benefits of marijuana

But is marijuana really that bad? Actually, it gets that bad rap frequently. But is it deserved? We can have an endless debate about marijuana but undeniably it does have its benefits. Yes, you did read it right. For many, it may come as a shock but to those knows cannabis really well it is nowhere near being a shock as they understand its benefits.

As much is brought into the light about this valuable plant, it will blow your mind to realize how cannabis health benefits actually are! Some will think that since its illegal in most parts of the globe, it means it doesn’t have its health benefits. Without keeping you waiting any longer, let’s look at some of the health benefits of this valuable plant cannabis.

Helps Lose Weight

If you are that individual who likes making observations, then you may already be aware that the users of cannabis are averagely slimmer than their counterparts. The practical theory behind this scenario is that marijuana helps one’s body to regulate insulin production as well as manage the intake of caloric more efficiently.

Fights Cancer

benefits of marijuanaEverybody is talking about this big one. Science has shown that marijuana fights and slows down or simply kills some cancer types. Oral cannabinoids actually are effective against vomiting and nausea as result of chemotherapy.

Relieves Chronic Pain

According to science, marijuana can be used effectively in treating chronic pain which leads to causing disability. Products that contain cannabinoids-an active ingredient effectively relieves chronic pain.

Prevents and Regulates Diabetes

It makes sense to say marijuana would be helpful in regulating and preventing diabetes simply because it can regulate the body weight. Also, the ability to regulate the production of insulin comes as a plus to the regulation of diabetes.

Controls Epileptic Seizures

Cannabidiol which is a major marijuana compound helps to control seizures. According to research, many individuals have reported marijuana helping them in the control of seizures.

Improves Lung Function

Maybe it’s never that bad for the lungs after all. In fact, smokers have improved their lung function as compared to cigarette smokers or those who haven’t smoked. Studies say that marijuana smoker trains the lungs being more efficient.


This is a condition which increases the pressure in the eyeball that may lead to loss of vision. Marijuana has been discovered to effectively treat this condition.


The pain and inflammation that is linked to arthritis have been found to be alleviated by marijuana.

Slows Alzheimer’s disease Development

As humans, age cognitive degeneration is simply unavoidable. This is the umbrella that Alzheimer’s disease falls. The good news marijuana stops the development of Alzheimer’s hence some longer life.

Controls Muscle Spasms

marijuanaMuscle spasms are just but an ailment that millions of individuals are affected with and with marijuana, these muscles can be calmed, stopped from twitching, and the pain associated with them dealt with perfectly.

Decreases Anxiety

Marijuana can cause social anxiety, but then there are other ways in which it helps to alleviate anxiety.

Realistically, marijuana has as well its disadvantages and just like any other vice it can be misused or simply abused. The truth, however, is that everybody deserves access to these health benefits of marijuana.